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Bushmills Distillery Black Bush Blend 40%
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Quiet a floral and grainy nose, but it is backed by some wonderful sweet orange and sherry fruit with a hint of coffee. There’s a touch of Sauvignon blanc-esque grassiness, which the sherry supports not swamps, and a beguiling ‘garden’ perfume of apricot, clov... [more details]
£28.05 (inc VAT)
Bushmills Distillery Bushmills 10 year old 40%
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Bourbon/ Sherry An austere nose of hard candy, crisp barley and oily toffee followed by some subtle sherry notes. Over time it becomes quite aromatic and has some delightful fruity moments. Still very oily with hints of dried fruit. The palate starts wit... [more details]
£33.69 (inc VAT)
Bushmills Distillery Bushmills 16 year old Three Woods 40%
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Bourbon/ Oloroso, finished in Port Tasted: May 2012 A wonderfully deep, juicy and earthy nose leading off with some ripe, red berry fruit along with hints of gooseberry , peppery spice and fern. There is a touch of nutty, marzipan coated apricot and lush she... [more details]
£60.80 (inc VAT)
Bushmills Distillery Bushmills 1608 ‘400th Anniversary Blend’ 46%
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Tasted: Jan 2013 A lovely, enticingly floral nose, displaying Bushmill’s usual nippy, hard grain. Slightly chalky with hints of banana, greengauge, creamy American oak and spicy sherry wood. The palate opens with an array of soft, green fruit and creamy Am... [more details]
£69.64 (inc VAT)
Bushmills Distillery Bushmills 21 year old 40%
In stock - only one available
19 years in both Bourbon and Oloroso, finished for 2 years in Madeira. Bt No: 5565 Re-Tasted: June 2012 Pungent aromas of dried grape and sweet barley to kick off. Marvellously mature and fragrant with the American oak coming through with a touch of sweet v... [more details]
£151.85 (inc VAT)
Bushmills Distillery Knappogue Castle 1995 (12 year old) 40%
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Dist: 1995 Btl: 2007 Tasted: Nov 2012 Full and oily aromas of unsweetend pineapple chunks and oily banana skin along with some edgy barley and a herbaceous note. There is quite a bit of sweet oak vanillins but the spirit just about balances them. A soft d... [more details]
£43.05 (inc VAT)
Cooley Distillery Clontarf Black Label Blend 40%
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Tasted: 2010 A lovely juicy barley sweet nose with a gentle rye-like nip and blanket background oak. Wonderfully fragrant with some floral grain notes. The palate opens with a softness yet the grain does bite right from the start. However some soft, slightly ... [more details]
£24.10 (inc VAT)
Cooley Distillery Connemara No Age Statement 40%
In stock - ready to ship
Re-Tasted: Sept 2011 A soft and quite meaty nose, redolent of smoked bacon – Hmm, a good breakfast malt! It still has it’s trademark crisp citrus character and the gentle sooty peat becomes quite enveloping, however there is a good depth of malty fruit beneat... [more details]
£36.86 (inc VAT)
Cooley Distillery Greenore 8 year old Single Grain 40%
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Bourbon/ Rum Clean, crisp, oodles of pure honey and earthy spices on the nose. Gorgeous sweetness and honied cereal. Dry, soft and full flavoured with soft, pure honey, a touch of toffee and earthy spices. Lovely depth and spiciness. Very soft and rounded for... [more details]
£36.07 (inc VAT)
Jameson Gold Reserve 40%
In stock - only one available
Takes its unique character from the small selection of traditional pot still whiskeys matured in new oak which is used in the blend. A wonderfully soft and smooth nose showing some maturity. Big and aromatic, the honey coated barley and grains mingle with t... [more details]
£66.83 (inc VAT)
Jameson Redbreast 12 year old 40%
In stock - ready to ship
Tasted: June 2008 Quite a deep nose of orangey fruit, marzipan, baked apples, spice and vanilla. Very big for an Irish with loads of buttery oak. On the palate it is quiet full and soft, intense and spicy with orange, marzipan and vanilla. It has an intriguin... [more details]
£48.23 (inc VAT)
Jameson Redbreast 15 year old 46%
In stock - ready to ship
Tasted: Nov 2010 An elegant and high toned nose of floral spirit. I’ll be a bit picky and say that there’s a brief soapy note but it soon disappears under the American and European sherry oak. Lovely layering of fruit, dark chocolate, crumbly spices, grilled ... [more details]
£73.05 (inc VAT)
Midleton Distillery Midleton Very Rare 2013 40%
In stock - only one available
Each year this “experiment” in quality changes a little and thus each release is vintage dated. One thing you can count on is that it will always be elegant, impeccably balanced and perilously drinkable. Distillery manager Barry Crockett wouldn’t put his signa... [more details]
£136.46 (inc VAT)
New Midleton Distillery Green Spot 40%
In stock - ready to ship
Tasted: Mar 2012 I can safely say that the only thing that has changed about this malt is the packaging. The nose displays all that wonderful pot still hardness, which to me comes across just like the nip that you get from a good rye whisky. Wonderfully spicy... [more details]
£39.45 (inc VAT)
New Midleton Distillery Powers 12 year old ‘John's Lane Release’ 46%
In stock - ready to ship
Tasted: Mar 2012 A lovely nose of sweet American oak with plenty of fleshy apricot and banana. It’s a veritable fruit salad of a malt! Liberally sprinkled with a dusting of cinnamon. The palate mirrors the nose, opening with the sweet oak and followed by s... [more details]
£53.35 (inc VAT)
Teeling Whiskey Company Small Batch Blend 46%
In stock - ready to ship
A Blend of Cooley malt and grain aged in first fill American oak and finished for 4 months in ex Flor de Cana Rum Casks selected by Dr Jim Swann Tasted: Mar 2013 The nose opens with the soft and spicy grain, which develops a lovely floral edge, followed by... [more details]
£33.65 (inc VAT)
Cooley Distillery Clontarf Single Malt 40%
Temporarily out of stock
Tasted Mar 2007 A lovely clean nose of sweet cereal, tangy citrus fruit, a touch of oak and a slight hint of coal smoke, earth and light toffee. Dry and refreshing on the palate, subtle, light bodied with cereal, vanilla, malt, toffee and citrus fruit. A ... [more details]
Jameson Limited Reserve 18 year old 40%
Temporarily out of stock
Is a blend of two potstill whiskies and a single grain is matured in Oloroso sherry casks and finished in bourbon wood for 6 months. Btl No: 319736 JJ 18-8 Tasted: Mar 2013 Now those aromas have definitely got some age to them! Big, spicy grains mingle wi... [more details]
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